Hi everyone!

We are now releasing Inkscape 1.2-beta, while planning to release 1.2 next month.

You can get the release at 
https://inkscape.org/release/inkscape-1.2beta/ for all platforms

All testers are encouraged to test this version and report bugs at inkscape.org/report

== Packagers == 
The tarball is not expected to differ much to the beta one, if you want to check that everything is all right for your platform  

== Translators ==
Thanks for your work! Strings are now frozen, please feel free to submit any translation updates now (inkscape.pot file should be up to date in the repo, direct link https://gitlab.com/inkscape/inkscape/-/raw/1.2.x/po/inkscape.pot ).

== Developers ==
We have now branched the code repo. The new branch 1.2.x now only welcomes bugfixes, translations and easy-to-review changes; while features, performance, code improvements, or anything that was left waiting in prevision of 1.3 are free to go to the main branch.

== All contributors ==
Thanks everyone for your contributions! All the work you're doing in various area, such as UX, outreach, docs, testing and bug triaging, and more, is what makes us a better project over the years !

The Inkscape project