Inkscape 1.1.2

Inkscape 1.1.2 is now released.

You can download it at:

then, if you want to support Inkscape, donate to the project at:


Inkscape 1.1.2 is mainly a stability and bugfix release. 
It fixes numerous crashes and several major inconveniences, such as lost styling
when when converting text to path, or relative position of clones pasted into
a new document


In addition, we are releasing an alpha version of Inkscape 1.2, to facilitate
testing of major upcoming features, such as the multipage support, editable
markers, on-canvas alignment, revamped alignment and snapping options, layer
and objects dialog, etc. If you find any issue with this new version, please
report it to

You can download it at

Join an Inkscape project team

Inkscape is always happy to welcome new contributors in various areas:
code, docs, translation, UX, bug triaging, or even outreach!

The main ways to get involved are listed on 
and you can get in touch with us on

Thanks to everyone involved in this release!

-- The Inkscape team