We have a winner! 23 Inkscape contributors took advantage of their position as final round of judges for the 1.4 About Screen Contest. Congratulations to the winning entry by artist Inkonic for their artwork "Inkscape's Path–Artist's Blossom". 

The theme this year was "Growth" and Inkonic's winning artwork depicted this wonderfully with branches and leaves growing directly out of the work of artists' hands using artists' tools ― literally drawing themselves and their worlds into existence and making them grow. 

Thank you to all artists who submitted artwork for the contest. Our deepest gratitude to you for providing examples of myriad ways Inkscape can be used to create incredible artworks. These examples are invaluable to helping the project grow and thrive by inspiring and educating artists. 

We'd like to extend a big thank you to all of the community members ― more than 250 ― who cast votes in the initial round and selected the top finalists. And thank you to the finalists, whose work resonated with the community strongly. See our 7 finalists here.