Vote A.


On Sat, 2015-05-16 at 00:22 -0700, Bryce Harrington wrote:

  [ ] a. Approve funding Tav to attend the Linkoping SVG WG meeting as
         outlined below, for a total of up to $900.
  [ ] b. Do not approve funding Tav.


    Josh Andler
    Jon A. Cruz
    Bryce Harrington
    Ted Gould
    Tavmjong Bah       (recused)


The board will subsidize travel for Tav to go to the Linkoping SVG WG
meeting for a total of up to $900.


I (Tav) would like funding to attend the Linkoping SVG working group
meeting, to be held June 9-12, 2015.

The SVG working group is working through remaining issues in the SVG 2
specification. The specification is essentially feature complete. At
this point incomplete features without a champion are being removed or
moved into separate specifications (as happened with some new stroke
and marker properties at the Sydney meeting). It would be good for me
to be present in person to make sure that features important to
Inkscape like mesh gradients, hatched fills, auto-flowed text are not
dropped. Motions to drop features can arrive quickly and without
warning as evidenced by the recent removal of SMIL animation from the
SVG 2 specification.

Attending in person can be very fruitful. At the Sydney meeting I was
able to get text on a shape, auto-closing of paths, and smoothing in
gradients into the SVG 2 specification. The major browser vendors are
represented so it is a chance to lobby them to add these features
quickly to the their browsers.

Progress on SVG 2 can be followed at:

My presentations at the last SVG working group meeting can be found at:

and a meeting report at:

Approximate cost for Linkoping

  Transportation: Paris to Linkoping: $450
  5 nights lodging/meals:             $450

BTW, here is what Inkscape spent on my attending SVG WG meetings in 2015
and 2014 (additional funding to that for attending LGM and GSoC mentor's

2015: Sydney     $2250

2014: Leipzig     $900 (Just after LGM)
      London      $757 (Transportation paid for by SVG Open)
      Santa Clara $616 (Just after GSoC mentor's meeting)

Tavmjong Bah

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