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On Aug 26 2021, at 1:50 am, Martin Owens <doctormo@geek-2.com> wrote:
= Background =

The first goal of the membership project is to change our Fiscal
Sponsorship Agreement so that it points at a file that's easier to
change than the existing AUTHORS file. The first vote to change to
using a fixed website url was rejected by vote of the leadership
comittee with no overall conesnsus, so this follow up vote is to
attempt a change without the specific url.

There are two main options that came from the previous vote, one is to
publish the list on the website and the second is to not specify any
particular place.

= Current FSA Language =

Committee members (“Members”) shall be elected by the contributors to
the Inkscape community, which is comprised solely of individuals listed
in the Project’s AUTHORS file (“Inkscape Community”).

= Proposed New Language =

Committee members (“Members”) shall be elected by the contributors to
the Inkscape community. The project shall keep a list of the
contributors permitted to participate in that election process [two
options available, see below].

= Options =

a. Change the FSA to use "... publicly available on its website"
b. Change the FSA to say "... posted publicly"
c. Do not change the FSA at this time.

= Next Steps =

On the advice of Karen, after this vote we will send the result and the
new language to the SFC and they will help us with the next parts of
the process to update the agreement.

Thanks everyone!

Best Regards, Martin Owens
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