On Wed, 2014-02-19 at 01:51 -0800, Bryce Harrington wrote:
The board is requested to vote on the following matter:


  [ ] a. Approve funding Tav to attend LGM and the Leipzig SVG WG meeting
         as outlined below.
  [ ] b. Do not approve funding Tav.


  This is a majority vote with Tav recused.  Four votes for either
  (a) or (b) are required to achieve a decision.

  If a tie vote is reached, or if four votes are not achieved within a
  week's time, we'll have Tav select someone from the AUTHORS file to
  vote in his place.


I (Tav) would like funding to attend the Leipzig SVG working group
meeting, held April 7-10 (after LGM April 2-5, 2014).

Here, I am asking for funding to attend both LGM and the Leipzig SVG
meeting.  (Note there is also another SVG meeting held in Winchester in
August, but I will submit a separate funding request for that later;
potentially I may get some funding from the conference organizer.)

This is a critical time for SVG 2. The new features I am responsible
for include mesh gradients, hatched fills, and auto-flowed text. The
move to "CSS based" text layout which brings in auto-flowed text (with
a natural SVG 1.1 fallback) requires a lot of work which is easiest to
do face-to-face. Critical decisions are made at these meetings
(i.e. dropping SVG fonts). It is important to have Inkscape interests

The Leipzig meeting is being held in conjunction with LGM. I will be
giving a talk on SVG at LGM. I may receive some travel support from
the LGM organizers but it is not sure at the moment, so I have included
transportation costs.

Approximate costs for Leipzig,

  10 nights lodging/meals  $1000
  Transportation	   $400

A report from the Tokyo WG meeting can be found at:


Tavmjong Bah

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