So I'm happy to report that we finally have a fully signed FSA that sets up a much larger definition of memberships in the Inkscape project. And so we're looking at finally filling the empty PLC slots.

Marc has sent out an update to the election procedure to match the current FSA. Once that is done we can then do a vote to setup the election. A couple of things we need to figure out before all that:

- We need someone who wants to proctor the election. We've talked with Pono and he's willing to take on that role for this election. I think that's generally a good idea so there isn't any concern about folks in the project biasing the results. But if other folks have ideas it'd be nice to get those out before a vote is considered.

- We need to know how many slots are open to be filled. Some folks I've talked to have suggested that doing PLC duties they didn't feel like was the best use of their time to give to the project. There's no shame in that. But it would be much easier to run a single election than another one in a month or two. So if you're a PLC member that is thinking that you don't want to be, now would be a good time to voice that.

Excited to move this forward and get to the next steps in getting a full PLC.