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On Mon, Jan 11, 2016 at 7:51 PM, Bryce Harrington <bryce@...2...> wrote:
Your vote is needed on the planned Inkscape Hackfest for 2016:


1.  Hold the 2016 hackfest in Leeds on Apr 11-14 2016.
    (Refer to attached proposal document for details).

    [ ] a.  Yes, hold hackfest in Leeds as proposed
    [ ] b.  Approve holding a hackfest, but recommend making the
            following alterations:
    [ ] c.  Do not approve holding a hackfest this year

2.  Reimburse using a ranked system similar to last year, but with
    increased limits and relaxed contribution requirements, as detailed

    [ ] a.  Use ranked reimbursement.  Long term, high commit developers
            are sponsored up to a higher maximum than new developers.
    [ ] b.  Use open ended.  We'll fully cover all valid expenses
            incurred by the sponsorees.
    [ ] c.  Other:
    [ ] d.  Do not reimburse for Leeds hackfest 2016 expenses

3.  If a sponsoree does not hit their maximum reimbursement amount for the
    hackfest itself, can they apply the remainder against LGM expenses?

    [ ] Yes.  Consider LGM and Hackfest expenses lumped together for
        purposes of reimbursement.
    [ ] No.  Airfare can be covered by either Hackfest or LGM
        sponsorship (or split between them), but hotel and food expenses
        for each event should be handled separately.

4.  The Inkscape Board sponsors a dinner event, to be funded from the
    Inkscape general fund (instead of the hackfest fund), for Hackfest
    attendees and guests.

    [ ] Yes.  Allocate $600 from Inkscape's general fund for a dinner.
    [ ] Yes, but handle funding the dinner in a different way:
    [ ] No, do not fund a sponsored dinner for the hackfest.




After the success of the 2015 Hackfest, there is strong interest in
sponsoring another one in 2016.  Last year we co-located the event with
LGM, which was convenient for Inkscape developers who wanted to attend
LGM; we had a few LGM attendees stop by the hackfest which was nice but
perhaps not as critical.

This year's LGM is in London, and in order to achieve similar cross-over
benefits this proposal suggests holding it nearby, but not necessarily
(expensively) *in* London.  Leeds is a short distance and we have an
Inkscape developer in proximity who can organize it and handle
logistics, so this seems like a sensible locale.

Last year's fundraising brought in an amount well in excess of what we
required, and indeed probably enough to cover most or all of the
sponsorship for the 2016 hackfest.  Due to this, we probably don't need
to allocate money from the general fund for this event.  Even so, it is
intended that we conduct another fundraiser; this will help establish
certainty for a 2017 hackfest, and/or might be usable for another
smaller (perhaps US-located) hackfest in 2016.

We established limits on the maximum sponsorship amounts last year, in
order to ensure spreading the funds widely.  However, since we
underspent so significantly, and since attendance was below anticipated,
this proposal suggests relaxing the requirements and increasing the

* Up to $2500 each for Inkscape developers who have contributed for 3+
  years and > 150 commits
* Up to $2000 each for Inkscape developers who have contributed for 2+
  years and > 50 commits
* Up to $1500 each for Inkscape developers who have contributed for 1+
  year and > 25 commits
* Up to $500 each for any Inkscape contributor listed in AUTHORS file
  with at least 10 commits by Jan 1, 2016

Alex Valavanis has volunteered as event coordinator for the hackfest

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