I vote A.
On Feb 8 2019, at 3:25 am, Bryce Harrington <bryce@...2...> wrote:
A majority vote of the current board members is required for the
following matter.

Authorize reimbursement to Chris Rogers for purchasing and shipping
stickers, up to a limit of £200.

- [ ] a. Authorize reimbursement for up to £200.
- [ ] b. Do not authorize reimbursement
- [ ] c. Other _____


| Board Member | 1. |
| -------------------- |:--:|
| Bryce Harrington | |
| Josh Andler | |
| Tavmjong Bah | |
| Ted Gould | |
| Martin Owens | |
| Marc Jeanmougin | |
| Chris Rogers | * |

* - Recused


The Inkscape project is transitioning its collection of (over 5000) bug
reports from Launchpad to Gitlab. In order to cleanup the collection
we are recruiting triagers to assist in re-reproducing each of the bugs
and improving the reports. To give recognition to the best participants
in this effort, we will be printing and sending stickers to selected
individuals based on performance criteria.

Receipts for sticker printing and postage/shipping will be collected and
provided to Conservancy as necessary for reimbursement requests.

CR writes:
So, I got an initial quote for the bug stickers, and we are looking at
about £50 for the special bugs, and another £50 for the award stickers,
which isn't too bad.

This does not include mailing costs to ship out the swag, but I'm hoping
it's not more than £100 to do that.

Can I get approval for £200 for stickers+ shipping? I'll of course try to
come under budget for the lot.

Also, we wanted to offer some big prizes for the top bug wrangers. Any
ideas on what? And what the budget might be for acquiring/shipping these

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