I believe that libre software demands libre documentation. While it is good to know that Inkscape has reached a quality level that makes it commercially interesting to produce commercial non-free documentation, I think that we should only promote in our webpage documentation that is free for everybody to use, distribute and improve, just like our software.


On Thu, Jun 16, 2011 at 10:51 PM, Aaron Spike <aaron@...7...> wrote:
Ok. So to summarize, the question is, "do we want to sell a short
commercially produced tutorial from a link next to the download button
on our main page?" I guess this could be broken into two questions 1) do
we want to sell this tutorial and 2) do we want to publicize it in such
a prominent location?

What are the likely issues going to be?
 - is it hard to make a decision without knowledge of the quality of the
 - how will this affect our volunteer documentation efforts? Are they
getting such prime real estate?
 - standard questions about need for and use of money.
 - what precedent is this setting, ie how will we respond (possibly
unlikely) requests from other publishers or documentation sources?

Let's hear some opinions folks.

Aaron Spike

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