On Mon, 2016-01-11 at 19:51 -0800, Bryce Harrington wrote:
1.  Hold the 2016 hackfest in Leeds on Apr 11-14 2016.
    (Refer to attached proposal document for details).

    [ ] a.  Yes, hold hackfest in Leeds as proposed
    [ ] b.  Approve holding a hackfest, but recommend making the
            following alterations:
    [ ] c.  Do not approve holding a hackfest this year


2.  Reimburse using a ranked system similar to last year, but with
    increased limits and relaxed contribution requirements, as detailed

    [ ] a.  Use ranked reimbursement.  Long term, high commit developers
            are sponsored up to a higher maximum than new developers.
    [ ] b.  Use open ended.  We'll fully cover all valid expenses
            incurred by the sponsorees.
    [ ] c.  Other:
    [ ] d.  Do not reimburse for Leeds hackfest 2016 expenses

A. It still seems complex, but I don't think the requirements are extreme.

3.  If a sponsoree does not hit their maximum reimbursement amount for the
    hackfest itself, can they apply the remainder against LGM expenses?

    [ ] Yes.  Consider LGM and Hackfest expenses lumped together for
        purposes of reimbursement.
    [ ] No.  Airfare can be covered by either Hackfest or LGM
        sponsorship (or split between them), but hotel and food expenses
        for each event should be handled separately.


4.  The Inkscape Board sponsors a dinner event, to be funded from the
    Inkscape general fund (instead of the hackfest fund), for Hackfest
    attendees and guests.

    [ ] Yes.  Allocate $600 from Inkscape's general fund for a dinner.
    [ ] Yes, but handle funding the dinner in a different way:
    [ ] No, do not fund a sponsored dinner for the hackfest.

"Yes." or "A"  Hoping that's clear :-)