I really like the job description and I'm excited to see progress on something that I think is important to have moving forward with the project. However, I do have some concerns with what is written.

The budget seems way too low. I'm not sure how the number of $50K was arrived at, but in my experience payroll taxes in the US are about 40%. And the last time we talked to SFC about a full-time position they recommended 60% with benefits. Not sure if what the policy at SFC is regarding part-time work and benefits, but US tradition is that part-time work does not include benefits. But, my understanding is that in Europe payroll taxes are roughly at that point (they don't make benefits optional). So I think we need to budget: $45K * 1.6 = $72K at least for salary. I'd recommend $75K.

Also, I think we need to budget some "startup costs" with bringing on someone new. Specifically a laptop that they can use for work but perhaps also a good microphone and camera. Maybe that is the extra $3K I rounded above, but I'd say we should expect others and make the budget $80K.

The committees for selection is really interesting. I've not done a two stage anonymized selection process like that before, but I do like the idea there. I think that we either need to have a process for selecting the members of the committees or a list of names. I'd suggest a list of names to make the process easier. But I think it our responsibility as members of the PLC to ensure the selection of folks is equitable and represents the project. Also, I think we should name someone to shepherd this through (annoy people about deadlines to review resumes, etc.)  It is something we're bad at, and why we're hiring this position as they'd be the person to do it in the future, but I think we need someone with that responsibility to make this successful.

Sadly, the voting options on this referendum are reductive and clearly chosen to decrease collaboration. That leaves me to vote b, as I think the proposal as stated (and sent without source) will not work, though I do not agree with the text associated with the option.


On Feb 10 2022, at 4:40 pm, Martin Owens <doctormo@geek-2.com> wrote:
Dear Inkscape Leadership Committee,

Your attention is required for the following vote. Following our
meetings with the SFC we have concluded the final job description and
the hiring process details. A big thank you to everyone who has put so
much time in this long process.

- Background -

The final documents are attached as a PDF. The first is our internal
notes condensed for review. The second is the full process for hiring
worked out with the SFC and the final part is the actual job
description to be sent to the SFC for advertising.

A small about of the budget has been set aside for any SFC
administration costs. The job salary is $30-$45k while the budget is
$50k for the full year.

- Vote -

a. Send the Job Description and confirm the budget of $50k for the
full year contract.
b. Do not hire a project coordinator

This vote will be open until Friday Feburary 18th 2022. Please get your
vote in before or on that date.

Thanks everyone.
Let's move the project forwards!
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