Hey Martin,

Do you have a link to the thread so I don't have to ask you a bunch of questions I could get answered elsewhere? :)

If at some point we're going to add any official language which could be construed as a legal statement (even if plainly worded), we should probably run it by Tony and/or Bradley at Software Freedom Conservancy since we are already a member and they advise us on all of the other similar language we use to officially represent the project. By no means am I against utilizing the SFLC for the broader goal of common language for the community, I would just personally feel better if we were to have SFC give approval before it represents our project.


On Sat, May 31, 2014 at 9:42 AM, Martin Owens <doctormo@...23...> wrote:

I've been following a Gimp thread about the restrictions or limitations
on the creative output in Gimp. Of course there is no restriction and
our license covers the software not the output. But some companies are
concerned or have questions.

So the question is: Should we put a notice/disclaimer/information in the
about screen stating in plain [local-language] that output from inkscape
is not restricted/copyrighted/limited and is owned by the creator suject
to local laws etc etc.

I'm not sure of the wording and maybe the SFLC could help bake a nice
sentence for multiple Free Software creative groups.



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