I'm going to close this vote. We can make another referendum if needed.


On Dec 10 2022, at 10:43 pm, Ted Gould <ted@gould.cx> wrote:

Inkscape currently has a Mastodon account on the mastodon.art server. It is an art focused Mastodon instance that has a wide variety of artists, but also allows anyone on the greater Fediverse to see the content Inkscape posts. The service is run by a set of volunteers that have a Patreon-style set-up to cover their costs of hosting, and other things that the project needs. This is their only source of funding (they don't sell ads, etc). Many users contribute to that as the "cost" of having an account on the service. Inkscape has not previously contributed to this service.

There is unfortunately very little precedent on how much a social network account should cost. Most major networks are venture or ad supported and give out the accounts for zero-cost. Though it seems likely in the future Twitter will be charging $8/mo if you want your posts to be seen. No one is distinguishing between user or project account, though it is likely their costs are different based on volume.

The mastodon.art service has a few ways to contribute, I'll work with them to figure out which is best to ensure they can use the funds at the lowest fee and is easy for the SFC to work with. All amounts are monthly for the 2023 calendar year. Marking each of the votes with "or less" and I'll take the highest amount that gets a simple majority. Please use the "Other" option if that's not how you'd like it to work.


Vote to fund Mastondon.art for the following amount monthly for the 2023 calendar year

a. $5/mo for a total of $60 for 2023
b. $10/mo for a total of $120 for 2023, or less
c. $20/mo for a total of $240 for 2023, or less
d. $__/mo for a total of $___ for 2023, or less
e. None
f. Other: ____


Proposed: 2022-12-11
Closes: 2022-12-18

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