a.  I'm not particular on Launchpad, but I really dislike SF mailing lists.

To change which mailing list goes to what address (or if you get mail for it at all) you can go to this Launchpad page: https://launchpad.net/~/+editemails

For me the biggest advantage of Launchpad's customizations is that I can mail a mailing list with any address that LP knows about, so if I screw up, my mail doesn't get bounced.


On Mon, 2014-02-24 at 00:00 -0800, Bryce Harrington wrote:
A majority vote of the current board members is required for this


  Move the email list for the Inkscape Board of Directors from
  SourceForge to Launchpad.

  [ ]  a.  Yes, move inkscape-board@ to Launchpad
  [ ]  b.  No, keep list on SourceForge

  Regardless of this vote, all other mailing lists will remain


All Inkscape mailing lists are currently hosted from SourceForge, for
historical reasons.  When Inkscape was founded we used SourceForge for
all source control, bug tracking, mailing lists, etc.

Since that time we've moved off SourceForge to Launchpad for the first
two items, but not the last.

The mailing list archives are important for board matters both to locate
past decisions, and for facilitating general transparency into our work.
Both SourceForge and Launchpad have their own web interface for viewing
list archives, but SourceForge's implementation is clunky and limited
compared with Launchpad's.

Launchpad also provides a more integrated way of managing your mailing
list subscriptions compared with SourceForge.

Mailing lists hosted at SourceForge have a textual advertisement
appended to them, whereas Launchpad does not.  This is minor, but it
does result in our archived emails looking more tidy and professional.

Another benefit of moving is that the board would be able to handle all
list administration.  Currently, the SourceForge admin team does list
administration.  Presently this is a trivially small benefit, since we
tend not to require any administration work, and since several board
members are also SourceForge team administrators.

A limitation of Launchpad is that it permits only a single mailing list
per team.  However, for the board this is not a hinderance since we only
have a single mailing list.  If a second list is needed, we can always
just establish a subteam.

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