Additionally, I'd like to thank Martin, and Mc for taking the lead on this. I appreciate the effort it took to put this together, and ask around for feedback on it. :)

On Sun, Dec 19, 2021 at 8:41 PM C R <> wrote:
Due to the somewhat underwhelming response, it seems the project isn't sure whether a release video is an important part of the release.
It would be wrong of me to ask the project to pay for something it's not sure it wants in the first place.

I agree with Ted that the Vectors should be in charge of funding this project with the outreach budget, as it's an outreach activity, and if there's no budget yet, it's hardly worth proceeding.

I'm withdrawing my offer for this release video.
Let's do something else.


On Sun, Dec 19, 2021 at 6:23 PM Ted Gould <> wrote:
So I think I need to vote "3. Something else..." on this because I'm not quite sure what this referendum does.

We can't really "spend $2500" as we'd have to ask the SFC to negotiate a contract with CR to do the video and we'd need to provide them the details to do that. And we can't really add it to the budget, because we don't have one. So I think this needs to be something else.

Also, I don't think that budgeting is a conflict of interest as generally speaking it is open and all bidders would have equal access to our budget. But, I can see how some folks would see it as such. So I think perhaps we should have a budget item in the Vectors budget (and ask them how much) for Release Promotion. That could include a longer video. Or perhaps a shorter video and paying for it to be an ad on various creative YouTube channels. (or something else, not my specialty). Then CR would have to avoid discussions on how to promote the release, but could talk about the overall budget.

Lastly, just to play devil's advocate against myself (surely the drugs have worn off), a release video does have certain community building impacts as Michelle noted. Perhaps that's a reason to leave it out of the vectors section of the budget.

On Dec 14 2021, at 1:57 pm, Martin Owens <> wrote:
Dear Leadership Committee,

You attention is required to vote on funding for the Inkscape 1.2
release video for 2022. As previously mentioned in our budget meeting,
we have in our project a well respected video creator who makes videos
for Gnome, the SFC and has made two previous Inkscape release videos
and who needs funding for their work in the coming year.


We as a project benefit from having a good looking and timely release
video and this funding will enable our contributor, Chris Rogers, to
spend the needed time without overwork.

Videos for reference:

Conflict of Interest:

* Chris Rogers is a member of this committee and will not be able to
vote on this measure as a matter of conflict of interest.


1. Spend $2,500 on a release video for Inkscape 1.2
2. Do not spend any money on a release video
3. Something else...

Thanks everyone.

Best Regards, Martin Owens
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