On Mon, 2014-10-27 at 21:06 -0700, Jon A. Cruz wrote:
On Mon, Oct 27, 2014, at 08:58 PM, Bryce Harrington wrote:
> A monthly or bi-weekly meeting would be fine with me, if someone will
> volunteer to send out day-before reminders.
> One thing I wonder though, is do we really have enough to discuss as a
> group?  This mailing list tends to be very low traffic...
> Also, I'm a bit concerned about attendance - the last hackfest meeting
> had only two people present.  :-(
> Perhaps we could do a trial run of say 5 meetings, and then decide if
> there seems to be plenty to discuss and attendance remains high through
> all 5, to continue?

I can coordinate the notices. Plus I believe that we can get things done
quickly if we treat them somewhat like Scrum stand-up meetings.

BTW, we might want to track a few things like conflicts, time
suggestions, etc. (I know that I missed one of the meetings due to
flying for work stuffs). Not that we'll want to play big brother or
anything, but by being aware of the common interruptions we can mitigate
their impact.

I think that having the meetings would be good, and the nice part about the reminder e-mail is that it gives people a chance to send regrets about conflicts. I'm sure Jon's situation is not unique, though I think I just forgot to put the last hackfest meeting on my calendar.