Is the fossology report generated in Word format? Is it possible to generate it in either plain text or in a format that is an open standard? Unfortunately I am unable to open it in LibreOffice.

As for the libraries included in windows bundles, please see the following for more information:


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Attached you will find our fossology scan report. The report lists all licenses and the files where the licenses were found.


In the meantime we checked the installer and found another issue. There are a lot of dll’s and executables (see attached binary list) which cannot be matched with the provided source code. E.g.: There is the file freetype6.dll. But we do not get any search result for freetype in the sources.

Where does these binaries come from?

Are these files taken from other OSS? If yes, can you provide the licenses and sources for these OSS?






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More detailed info would definitely be helpful. I've also gone ahead and added the board list via CC since this was intended to go to the board.

Just to throw out there, I am aware of a couple things. At least Jon Cruz (I believe also Felipe Sanches) has committed multi-licensed code at some point. At least some of the MPL was also licensed as GPL. Regarding the GPL2 vs 3 issue, we still haven't run across anything that explicitly states GPL2 only and what is there says GPL2 or later... so according to discussions with SFC, we are technically still a GPL2 project just with some GPL3 code.

One example of a multi-licensed file can be viewed at http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~inkscape.dev/inkscape/trunk/view/head:/src/ege-color-prof-tracker.cpp




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Hello Jan,

I personally am not aware of any licensing issues that we have in Inkscape, thanks for bringing this to our attention! Do you have a report that has more detail of which files/directories are which license so we can look into it with more detail?


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Hello Inkscape board,


We are planning to use inkscape. Thus we scanned the source code of inkscape 0.48.4 for OSS licenses. So we found out that inscape 0.48.4 includes the following licenses:


GPL 2.0

GPL 3.0

LGPL 2.1

MPL 1.1

Apache License 2.0

creativecommons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported







Unfortunately there are license incompatibilities between some on the licenses. E.g.:

Apache 2.0       <->      GPL 2.0

GPL 2.0          <->      GPL 3.0

MPL 1.1  <->      GPL 2.0 + GPL 3.0 + LGPL 2.1 + Apache License 2.0


This leads to a serious problem: The creator of the code published under Apache License 2.0 can prohibit a publishing of his code under GPL 2.0. So we are not allowed to publish it at all.


So here are my questions:

Is the community aware of this problem?

Is there a general statement regarding this topic available?

Are there any counter measures planned/implemented?


Kind Regards

Jan Kanefeyer


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