Financial overview update:
Ledger From 2021-01-01 To 2021-12-02

Balance as of 2021-01-01    $262,839.00
Equity:Funds:Restricted     ($13,000.00)
Income:Donations             $81,829.35
Income:Sales                     $50.10
Expenses:BankingFees         ($5,068.00)
Expenses:Hosting                ($23.30)
Balance as of 2021-12-02    $326,627.15

The original update didn't include the latest Paypal import, so now has significantly more donations listed.

On Dec 3 2021, at 9:17 am, Ted Gould <> wrote:
Howdy folks,

I forgot to send out a reminder, hopefully folks have it on their calendar, but it is the first Friday. I've updated the Wiki to show that.
Everyone is invited to come.


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