Just a note regarding the dislikes: Youtube recently disabled the dislike view count. There were indeed some salty KDE users disliking GNOME videos (and complaining loudly in the comment section about a DE they don't even use), but you always get those. :) It's true that the likes far exceeded the dislikes, however.

It's true that FOSS and graphics software Youtubers watch our release videos and even borrow artwork from them, often discussing point-on-point what we show in the video.

The reason the 1.1 video received fewer views is because the release video was crammed into the bottom of the announcement article, relying on people to read through the whole thing (which very few will do) to find it. It should have been at the top for maximum exposure. The views it got were solely based off the momentum of the Youtube algorithms of our Youtube channel.
, and subscribers we gained. If we do decide to do more release videos in the future, we need to at least treat them like the month's worth of work that they represent. Otherwise, it's definitely not going to be worth the $2500, or indeed, anyone's time to make it.


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Hi all,

My head is spinning on this one... I've read through all the comments and they all make sense. And the fact that CR has withdrawn his offer may make discussing this further a moot point, but I'll add my 2 centimes.

To begin, I think CR's videos are fantastic and $2500 is chump change for the work. But that is not the primary question here, which is should we as a project fund release videos?

I do think it is a good idea as it helps increases the hype around Inkscape, letting people know that we are still a very active project and showing off the work that we want to highlight. Even if 1.2 is a "minor" release, a video can be seen to have value even if it is not tied to major advances in the program itself. After all, Coca-Cola doesn't wait around till it has a new type of Coke to promote its product!

I decided to do something a bit different and have a look at how widely viewed the videos are:

  1.0         71,972 views 2.9k Likes, No dislikes!
  1.1         12,288 views  952 Likes, No dislikes!

As comparison:

  Gnome 3.36 141,645 views 4.3k Likes, No dislikes!

One thing is clear, people that watch CR's videos, love them. I'm actually a little surprise that the view number for 1.1 is not higher... maybe we didn't promote it enough? If this is what we can expect for a 1.2 release video, it works out to $0.20 per view. This is my primary concern.

Now, we are not the only ones to produce "Inkscape release videos". There are actually 1.1 release videos that had more views than the "official" one:

  1.1 Davies  42,588 views
  1.1 askNK   18,030 views

So we are getting "free" publicity from others (who seem to be better at promoting their work).

After considering the benefits vs. costs, I am going to vote 1 with the understanding that this needs to go through SFC which may result in a "competitive" process.


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| Subject: [Inkscape-board] VOTE: Release Video Budget
| Dear Leadership Committee,
| You attention is required to vote on funding for the Inkscape 1.2
| release video for 2022. As previously mentioned in our budget
| meeting,
| we have in our project a well respected video creator who makes
| videos
| for Gnome, the SFC and has made two previous Inkscape release videos
| and who needs funding for their work in the coming year.
| Background:
| We as a project benefit from having a good looking and timely release
| video and this funding will enable our contributor, Chris Rogers, to
| spend the needed time without overwork.
| Videos for reference:
|  1.1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NlS0zKXsdvo
|  1.0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f6UHXkND4Sc
|  Gnome: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ae2D4aWTsXM
|  GUADEC Talk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I9e0cyrryRY
| Conflict of Interest:
|  * Chris Rogers is a member of this committee and will not be able to
| vote on this measure as a matter of conflict of interest.
| Ballot:
|  1. Spend $2,500 on a release video for Inkscape 1.2
|  2. Do not spend any money on a release video
|  3. Something else...
| Thanks everyone.
| Best Regards, Martin Owens
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