On Fri, May 16, 2014, at 07:26 AM, Josh Andler wrote:
Hello Board,
TL;DR first: Does the board want to fund any additional delegates travel & room expenses for the reunion if we have anyone chosen by the lottery?
This year for the 10th anniversary of Summer of Code, Google is holding a special Mentor's Summit (Reunion) which is a little different than in the past. In addition to the normal 2 delegates we get to send where Google funds up to $2200 (up to $1100 per person) in travel expenses plus covering the room, they will hold a lottery for others to be able to attend as well (however, it is at their own expense as well as the room cost). The people eligible to attend the Reunion and enter the lottery are any of our previous GSoC participants (admins, mentors, as well as students).
I wanted to find out if the board would be in favor of funding the travel and room for anyone from our organization should we have anyone enter the lottery and be chosen. I have not brought this up to any of our previous participants yet for obvious reasons, but need to do so soon. One of the other things that is different this year is that we need to decide far in advance who will be attending. We need to have everything finalized by 6/20, so people responding to this soon would be appreciated.
I'm in favor of funding potential lottery delegates.
I also would like to attend again, since it has been a while. However, I'd rank the priority as "like" and defer to others if needed.
Jon A. Cruz