So do we need to vote on the updated job description and the committee assignments? We didn't specify a process for choosing them so I think we'd need to vote on that. I'm not sure how they were chosen.

Not sure how the finalization committee is being chosen either, but we should talk about it. I can help out there as well.


On Mar 3 2022, at 2:29 pm, Martin Owens <> wrote:
Dear Leadership Committee,

Following our successful vote to hire a project coordinator, I'm here
to report the progress and the remaining process for this job posting.

I spoke with Pono from the SFC to finalise the details and the process
they would like. These include:

* The creation of a private mailing list where applications can go.
Marc has created which is a list of the hiring
panel, and pono and myself as observers. I think Marc is there too as
list admin.

* Creation of the complete job text here: which the SFC
wanted us to host on our own website. Included modifications from the
SFC are the sentence for "equal opportunity employer" and the final
section in how to apply for the job.

The schedule for the submission of applicants and review processes is
in that final section.

* The formation of three inkscape community members to vet
applications. Tim, prkos and michele have volunteered and are added to
the above list.

~ Process todo:

Confirm pono is on the mailing list and is receiving emails.

Give job posting to the Vector's team for publication, however they
would like to do that. A news article, twitter, etc etc.

I need two other PLC members to form the finalisation panel, to conduct
video interviews once we have a short list. Each interview could be an
hour long, and there should be three at least in the short list, so
please be aware of the time commitment at the start of April.

Best Regards, Martin Owens
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