On Feb 9 2019, at 4:26 pm, Bryce Harrington <bryce@...2...> wrote:
Funded development work (e.g. contract programming work) would be a
logical thing to think about, and several of our sponsors have expressed
interest here in supplying additional funds depending on what we
undertake. There's a non-trivial amount of overhead work needed for
doing contract management, though.

It might be worthwhile for us to take a look at some of our peer
projects at SFC and see how others are using their funding.

I'm personally a fan of how the Document Foundation (Libre Office) has handled that in that they've got a policy against the foundation funding work on the project. Instead they fund infrastructure and the other stuff around the project. For instance, (and they have a bunch more money than us) they hired for some QA infrastructure work and for CI work and stuff like that. Where it was all things that make it easier to develop and work on the project.

Another thing that Ryan and I were chatting about... I don't remember when.... was the idea that if we did instructional videos for using Inkscape that used professional actors and/or voice over. Something like that could provide some real sophistication to our materials.

Anyway, all ideas. I guess where I see us is that we set ourselves up to start organizing the hackfests, and get funding for that, and I think we've done well there. We just need to figure out where the next step is.