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Uwe Schöler - OSS-Marketplace.com wrote:
> Hi,
> there is no Problem with R10386 on Win7. Maybe it's a problem with a
> certain or special theme on XP?
> Sincerely,
> UweSch
Thank you for the reply.
Indeed, I use Windows XP's Classical theme (old Windows 95/98/2000) and
after your suggestion I verified that with the "new" XP theme the sliders
are ok.
Anyway, I'm having this "problem" only since not so many revisions (I
couldn't say which one): I've always had correct sliders before.
Hence I think we should consider this a "bug".

Well, the thing that needs to be identified though is where the bug exists. Is this actually an Inkscape bug? It seems more likely to me that the bug is either in that theme or in the newer version of GTK in our devlibs. Note, by saying it could be the theme I mean it could just not have been updated with more recent changes to GTK as it might have needed to be.