Sebastian can answer this better than I. However, he was working hard on his own branch which has since been merged with the main trunk. So, the trunk should be the final version.

I don't recall if I sent you the GTK3 updates. However, if you are not able to build with the current devlibs, my guess is that they need to be updated.


On Thu, Aug 18, 2016 at 7:32 PM, Eduard Braun <Eduard.Braun2@...173...> wrote:

Do I understand correctly that you and Sebastian developed more fixes that are not yet merged? If yes, is there a reason not to merge them?

Regarding devlibs: Did you have to update them again or were there some specific fixes needed for GTK3? As you probably recall I pushed your last update of the development libraries to inkscape-devlibs64 in January, so they're still pretty fresh (but obviously updates would be welcome, too).

Am 19.08.2016 um 00:35 schrieb Partha Bagchi:
Yes, Eduard. Sebastian fixed most of the issues. I worked with him on making sure that I was able to compile trunk for Windows. Of course, as you know, I can only speak for 64-bit.

I can supply the devlibs when the time comes if people still want it.


On Thu, Aug 18, 2016 at 6:02 PM, Eduard Braun <Eduard.Braun2@...173...> wrote:

Is cmake already supposed to work on Windows for trunk?

Just tried to make and install, but the distribution lacks a lot of GTK3 libs and still crashes after copying them manually... (Let's hope it's only another file I did not copy yet)

At least when launching the produced executable from an environment that has all the devlibs in the path (via mingwenv.bat) Inkscape starts. As before (at least with the 64bit devlibs) GTK3 builds are totally unusable though. I guess 0.93 will be a long way on Windows...
Let's hope someone with the necessary knowledge starts to care after someone cared enough to cut support for GTK2 and therefore made it impossible to produce useful trunk builds for Windows at this time. :-(


Am 07.07.2016 um 09:14 schrieb Sebastian Faubel:
Hello everybody,

I submitted a merge request of my Inkscape branch yesterday. Thanks to Marc it has already found its way into trunk - big thank you for the quick review.

The branch I submitted now has full support for compiling Inkscape on Windows with 32-Bit and 64-Bit environments. It also supports out of source builds and should also work with Unix llike command lines such as Cygwin and MSYS. After weeks of investigation I managed to get locales to work and have an executable icon along with all application icons.

Actually, the only thing that it distinguishes from a btool build now is that it does not (yet) produce the console binary. However, that should not be a big deal. In all other regards it should be ready for testing and packaging. I already updated the Wiki page with the new compilation instructions.

Again, thank you Marc and hopefully we're a step closer now to a 0.92 release on all platforms.


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