Thanks so much CR!

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En 29 jul. 2018, en 21:45, C R <cajhne@...400...> escribió:
Haha, don't worry. I was frustrated sure, but it's the unstable
version, so I'm not expecting perfection. In lots of ways I'm spoiled,
because I get to try all the new stuff first, and use it in my daily
work. So maybe I should not even be frustrated. But anyway, you know I
think highly of your work, so don't worry about it. It's a big reason
I'm here to report things that go wrong. I could have been much nicer
about it, so I apologise if it caused upset. And yes, we still need to
grab another beer together at some point. Looking forward to it. :)

I'll try that trick you mentioned and see if it helps, and will report back.


On Sun, Jul 29, 2018 at 8:17 PM, Jabier Arraiza
<jabier.arraiza@...2893...> wrote:
Great, Im not too receptive to your message, I need to accept better
critics :(

Anyway there is a lot of work of various members on the team and is one
of the largest MR we have, is one of the fews commits that I wait a
approve to merge, and maybe, (not tested) is as easy as use a clean
preferences.xml (I do not controle it, my fault) but is a classic,
clean it if something not work.

Finaly thanks so much for use devel on production is very very
important to the proyect your feedback and totaly understable your
"furius" if totaly broken.

I hope see soon and drink some cool beers, and coffee, of course!

On Sun, 2018-07-29 at 20:00 +0100, C R wrote:
No problem. Thanks for looking into it. Yes, maybe my wording was
bad. Sorry about that. :) For all I know it could be the ppa that is
the problem.

Let me know if I can help, and thanks for your work.


On Sun, 29 Jul 2018, 18:56 Jabier Arraiza, <jabier.arraiza@...2893...>
Alvin appvellour builds are broken because missing dependence
CR. You are the first see this bug I think I can go tonight home to
make a Ubuntu virtual machine to test, I try in Debian and windows
10 without problems
previously to merge the work. Is not enough but never is enough to
;) sorry if I feel rude but nominate a work as half done is a bit
adventures because a work can be done and a just a semicolon can
break all. Thanks so much for using development version and for all
inconveniences can happen with it, I think in two hours in free to
deep into, after a other things very busy weekend. Regards, jabier

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En 29 jul. 2018, en 18:42, C R <cajhne@...400...> escribió:
And sorry Jabier, I can only comment what I see, and with half
the icons missing, it looks half done. It's not a criticism of
your work, just what I am seeing.


On Sun, 29 Jul 2018, 17:35 C R, < cajhne@...400...> wrote:
Possibly. I get all my Inkscape installs from the trunk ppa.

Maybe that's part of the problem?

On Sun, 29 Jul 2018, 16:45 alvinpenner, < penner@...1856...>
not sure if this is related or no, but on Appveyor
every build in the last three days or so has failed.
the most recent successful build is master-1426


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