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Josh Andler wrote:
> Well, the thing that needs to be identified though is where the bug
> exists.
> Is this actually an Inkscape bug? It seems more likely to me that the bug
> is
> either in that theme or in the newer version of GTK in our devlibs. Note,
> by
> saying it could be the theme I mean it could just not have been updated
> with
> more recent changes to GTK as it might have needed to be.
Sorry but I think I missed the point.
Which "theme" do you refer to? I assume you are not speaking about Windows
XP's Classic theme as it's been there since ages and sure doesn't need any
update to GTK (or if you think so you may contact Microsoft and let them
know ;)

I was under the impression that GTK had a different theme it used when using the classic Windows GTK theme (and it sounds like I may be off the mark on that).

As for devlibs, I'm up with rev. 24 (the latest).
Is there something I can check to better understand where the problem starts

It seems likely that it may have to do with something that has changed with GTK somewhere between what we had before and the version we have now. The only way I can think to test/check where things went wrong is to download other GTK binaries between what we had before and what we have now until you find one that doesn't show the issues and work up from there until you can identify when it broke.