Hi Brynn,

I strongly agree with you on this one. Why should the Inkscape team spend it's time, resources and bucks to host images that are more photos than artwork made in Inkscape?

Those should be removed and new guidelines should be added to avoid those being readded to inkscape website again.

What gives us a good example of this is the following. There are hundred of really cool and good websites on the internet. But have you guys noticed the difference of quality in the images that there are in photos inside Pixabay (www.pixabay.com) and in Morguefile (www.morguefile.com) ?

Morguefile is really friendly and, as soon as you upload images there, they are publicly available.
On the other hand, when you do the same on Pixabay, upload your images, the images are analyzed by an expert and they need to match all the website guidelines. Photos there need to have great bright, contrast, lighting, colors, no distracting objects on photo and it need to be focused.

+1 for having better guidelines and freeing up resources to promote art made with/inside Inkscape. :)


--Victor Westmann

2017-04-20 18:25 GMT-07:00 brynn <brynn@...1761....3133...>:
Hi Friends,
        I've been helping to test some new moderation features which Martin has
been working on (and Maren helping too), for the website.  We have realized that
(A) we might have different opinions about what the moderation policies should
be, and (B) the current CoC might not cover them.  But we all agree that the
larger community should be involved, if the CoC needs to be edited.

        For convenience, the CoC says this:

"Guidelines for User Submitted Content:
Art and other content submitted to the Inkscape website should adhere to the
following rules:
     -- Art must be your own original creation or derived from artwork available
under an open licence. We cannot accept submissions that infringe copyrights.
     -- No nudity or graphic violence. (Note: we may allow this type of content
once it is possible to tag it as such, but pornographic and/or illegal material
would still be disallowed.)
     -- No content that is explicitly discriminatory in nature.
     -- No political agitation or totalitarian symbolism."

        Up until the moderation features are completed, installed and in use,
the policy for images in the gallery has been this.  As long as the image
doesn't violate those 4 guidelines, it's acceptable, even though it may have
nothing to do with Inkscape.  After that, the gallery has been relying on a very
small upload quota for members, to prevent mass spam attacks.

        In my opinion, resources uploaded to the website should bear some
relation to Inkscape.  Or more specifically, those which have no relation to
Inkscape should not be allowed.  Here's what I propose:

>> Images should be made in whole or in part with Inkscape, or depict how
>> Inkscape was utilized in user projects (such as a photo of a t-shirt which
>> design was made with Inkscape).

>> Any other images need to have some relation to Inkscape, the Inkscape Project
>> (website, forums, hackfest), vector graphics, or marginally, FOSS.  (maybe
>> not FOSS?)

This would exclude images like these:


The reason I feel this way, is because there must be hundreds, if not thousands
of galleries on the internet, where people can upload any kind of random photo.
Why should the Inkscape website waste its resources hosting images which weren't
made with Inkscape and have nothing to do with it?  If the Inkscape website is
going to the trouble of creating and maintaining a gallery, it ought to promote
Inkscape, vector graphics, and maybe FOSS, almost, if not completely
exclusively.  My opinion of course  ;-)

        So I propose the following, or something like it, should be the first
item in the list of Guidelines for User Submitted Content.  No doubt it could be
worded better.

-- Images must be created using Inkscape, in whole or in part;  or depict how
Inkscape was utilized for the user's project (such as a photo of a t-shirt which
design was created using Inkscape). Or otherwise the image or resource must bear
some relation to Inkscape, the Inkscape Project, vector graphics (or FOSS??)

        Does anyone have any thoughts or opinions on this?

Thank you very much,

PS - Should this be cross posted to the user list too?

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