Thank you for considering me to present my suggestions for removing the dependence on object-set.h before submitting my proposal for gsoc 2023.

Here are the steps we can follow to remove the dependence on object-set.h:

Identify where object-set.h is being used in the code by looking for #include statements and code that directly uses classes or functions defined in the file.
Determine the functionality being used from object-set.h to find suitable alternatives.
Research and find alternative solutions or libraries that provide similar functionality.
Modify the code to use the alternative solution or library, replacing any references to object-set.h and modifying code that uses its classes or functions.
Once we have verified the changes, we can commit them and submit them for review.

I hope this information is helpful. If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know.I am not sure about the amount of time required to resolve this issue, so I would appreciate your guidance and suggestions on the matter.

Best regards,