Hey guys,

I decided to post this as a new topic rather than taking the InkscapeForum.org one further off-topic.

I've pretty much finished my theme for the website, and it's available for viewing at http://inkscape.chrismorgan.info/.  I'll be setting up content as I get to it (i.e. soon).

Other theme submissions are welcome, email them to me and I can set them up there.

Josh Andler said he would talk to Ian about getting me Drupal access on inkscape.org - I don't know who Ian is or anything about that, but it could help with testing :-).  I'm happy to work with it on my server though, it can be transferred without much trouble.  Unless I hear about a inkscape.org-hosted Drupal site very soon I'll just continue working on my copy.

My work is mainly based on this submission by duckgoesoink.  Is she/are you subscribed to this list, or does anyone know how to get in contact with her?  I'd like to put a credit link in the footer.

-- Chris Morgan <chris.morganiser@...400...>

I don't need a quote in my signature.  It's hard enough surviving as it is without having to find a meaningful quote.  Will you forgive me?  Or don't you read this bit?