I will apply for SoC on SVG Fonts implementation. My task will be basic SVG Fonts support (i.e. reading of xml attributes, proper rendering and editing). I imagine that there are some extra stuff that could be done but would not necesarily be part of my task on SoC. I could work on those after completing the basic SVG Fonts support.

I am starting this thread to discuss SVG Fonts related wished features. I will choose among these, which ones I think make sense to add to my SoC application and which I consider extra work to be done after SoC.

one idea (probably to be implemented after SoC):

Since SVG Fonts actually work as an alternative kind of font file (a font can be saved as .svg and then used by other SVG drawings) inkscape could have a font editing UI. It could have import scripts to load TrueType fonts and export them as SVG Fonts and vice-versa. I could also do it for other font types. One issue is in the exporters because obviously not everything SVG is capable of doing is supported by TrueType, or other font formats. So, we would commonly have to deal with glyph degradation when exporting fonts.

Felipe Sanches ("JucaBlues" on irc)