On Jun 3 2021, at 10:07 am, doctormo@gmail.com wrote:
I'm going to raise the prospect of putting a $20k grant into CMYK and
print features. We can discuss if this is too much or too little at the
next meeting (this weekend) and work from there.

* macOS speed problems (est $5k)
* CMYK print functionality (spitball $20k)
* General project administrator position (undefined, probably a lot)

I'm not sure what these entail entirely (I haven't seen a formal definition) but if we're going off what Bryce posted on color I think we're talking at least a few developer-years of work. Spitballing, that seems like an order of magnitude off, like $300K not $20K.

Now clearly that isn't something we can pay in cash right now, but I think Bryce's purpose in drafting that and working it out was to fund raise or look for grants for it. So perhaps it makes sense to budget components in this year and say "we want to do these, please donate!" or something like that. We'd of course also need someone willing to contract based on a "when we have money" basis, which may take looking towards a firm that could fill in with other work.

I believe for the administrator position, with taxes/benefits/overhead/etc it was something like $120K/yr though that was a couple years ago when we asked the Conservancy for an estimate. Probably higher (like all things) now. Also, we didn't include travel in that, and it seems like we'd want this person to attend hack fests, so we should probably include some room for that.