I think this place would be a great area to highlight and determine what are our major "talking points" in the next release:
Also, was harmony achieved in setting the next release number at 0.91.0?

I would be happy to help craft some of the release notes here, but I need wiki access.  Thanks!

> On Fri, 2013-10-18 at 23:59 +0000, Jared Meidal wrote:
> > There have been a lot of excellent developments to be release in the
> > next release, including C++, cairo, alignment/distribution along with
> > new possible builds on win64-bit (Partha's help), and native Mac OS X
> > (some almost-ready builds are out there).  If these all reach maturity
> > for the release the new builds are providing an increase audience and
> > userbase.  A changing version numbering scheme could reflect the
> > developers' acknowledgement of this and demonstrate the activity of
> > the software project.
> You make a persuasive argument. I like the idea of moving from 0.49 to
> 5.0 with the idea that a 0.49 release is likely to uncover lots of bugs
> from our massive list of changes.
> But whatever we do, I also like having a defined list of what would
> certify us for such a big release PR type event.
> Martin,