I already pointed it out to the students, I'm glad the project went well.
Only open-source can offer the opportunity to work on a large scale software with educational purposes in mind. I hope their work will be welcomed into trunk after the 0.47 release.

Here are some comments on the tool as it is today :
- Inkscape stores the current tool parameter values, unfortunately the sidebar fields values are back to the default ones each time Inkscape launch, thus they don't display the good information.
-"Rotation" default values should be 0.0 and 0.0
- the "Width" slider on the toolbar isn't synchronized with the "Width" parameter of the side pannel.
- "angle"and "rotation" parameters should be in degres instead of radians.
- the "ratio" parameter of the brush shape is ambiguous. I would expect a circle for a ratio of 1. It needs to be defined precisely and understood well by the user.


2009/5/21 Jarosław Foksa <jfoksa@...400...>
On 05/21/2009 07:14:33 PM, Pierre-Antoine MARC wrote:
> Hi there,
> Our project is coming to an end, and we would like to know if some of
> you did try the spray tool, and in this case, what they think of it.

Which parameter is altered by pressure? I expected population value to
increase when I press the stylus harder, but this doesn't seem to happen.
Besides, the tool works nicely for me, I haven't noticed any bugs or crashes.
Great job!

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