Hi All,

Here are the minutes of the meeting that happened on 2 Sep 2023:

Django Upgrade: Ishaan Arora has started work to upgrade the website to Django 3 from its current version, Django 2.2. They mentioned that the site is behind on security updates.
C++20 and Gtk4: Tav wants to discuss moving to C++20 and Gtk4. Rene de Hesselle suggests using CI to test C++20 compatibility. Tav outlines a plan for transitioning to Gtk4, beginning with local builds.
CI Changes: René de Hesselle mentions that transitioning to Gtk4 would require changes to the CI setup for both macOS and Windows.😁️
Tav suggested to skip weekends for the dev meeting. New suggested schedule (M->Tu->W->Th->F->M)