I think we are mainly on the same page. Unfortunately, the process of getting the Inkscape logo into Blender is non-trivial. One can import vector curves, but to be usable in the way I'm using it for this animation... Would be largely a Blender tutorial, not really an Inkscape tutorial. I'm not even convinced that the way I'm doing it is a good way to do it. Lol.

At any rate, it's probably sufficient to show some in-progress shots with Inkscape being used to pique interest, to show that you can use Inkscape with Blender in a professional capacity. Blender is several orders of magnitude more complex than Inkscape is to make professional use of, however, and I also don't want to frighten people away with complexity, especially when some of the tools in Blender are presently getting massively overhauled to make it much easier to use for more streamlined production work.

I am also not an expert in using Blender. I know how to use it for product design, and relatively simple animations, but I know enough to know how much I don't know; how much I have yet to learn. The well is very deep. Blender is not one program, it is an entire production line of what would normally be 4-5 different programs by different companies, rolled into one. There is nothing else like Blender, but the drawback is it has a learning curve more or less equivalent to all the those programs as a result.

I do fortunately know enough to make the animation I have proposed however, so there's that. :)

Once the intro animation is rendered into video there will be little need to show people how to make it, because it can be re used, as is, in any video editor, with no need to reconstruct it. In the spirit of the project, I will make my animation files available so that people can improve the intro as needed.

Something more useful for novices, might be showing how to use Inkscape to make caption templates for video. Since this is not editor specific, it may also appeal to a larger audience and will be more insta-useful. :)

Am 27.08.2015 um 18:06 schrieb C R:
> Yes, I'll toss together a tutorial video of how to make a tutorial video.
> lol The main issue is that the screen-caster is not going to be the same
> for every OS, and some of them are teh ultrasuck to get working. I'll do
> one for Ubuntu+gnome-shell, using Blender 3D as the video compositor... or
> possibly just a cheap and cheerful tut in OpenShot, since it's much much
> easier to use for non-pro users.

I guess the screencasting is not the core thing that would be mutually
(most) interesting for inkscape users, more e.g. the interaction blender
<-> inkscape (if there is some with making the start sequence), e.g.
getting a svg (inkscape logo) into blender, 2d -> 3d, animation etc. (if
it is involved and you are not redoing everything from scratch in
blender for the starting animation you described).

I find it interesting because it's a real thing and not something
artificially created especially to demonstrate feature x (even if the
purpose of the product is demonstrating feature x which is not bad at
all, two different things and I like both).

> For the "making of", it would be less a tutorial, and more an
> interview-style synopsis, I think (though I have a pretty sweet home-brew

That's exactly what I thought ...

> system that would look great on camera, and happens to be running Linux,
> for the authentic Open Source design experience).
> To make it a tutorial, it would wind up being a series, as there is a lot
> that goes into making all this stuff. :)

... and here as well ;-)

> I like the idea of scripting the creation process to save our official
> video crew (and myself, eventually) some production time. I will have to
> put some thought into how that would work, but since all my graphics tools
> have Python interpreters built in, it should at least be possible. :)

I thought more on a list "on paper" (now select the rectangle, open the
colors dialog, select the fill tab etc.) to make the screencast flow.
When you (read: I, maybe you are working different) do the real design,
you are doing many steps to try things which are not used afterwards or
not important for the tutorial. To prevent it from being boring, such a
list (something like a screenplay of a movie) could be helpful. If you
record the original design process, it will be easy (compared to making
everything from scratch) to remove unnecessary steps and have it tight
and informative with a suitable level of comprehensiveness. Of course
one must state at the beginning that the original process took n times
more time, but for the intended type and length of the tutorial it would
be much easier to follow without the try and error steps.

> Let me get the first video done this weekend, and we'll see what everyone
> thinks of it.
> Then we can see more about the rest. :)

Despite all the discussion of the longer tutorial on short tutorial
making, the short tutorials are a great by themselves as well.

> I'm loving all the ideas, keep em coming!

Thanks for being that motivated and for the things you are coming up
with :-)

> -C
> On Thu, Aug 27, 2015 at 4:23 PM, John Cliff <john.cliff@...400...> wrote:
>> There's 106 here:
>> http://screencasters.heathenx.org
>> The ui might be out of date a bit but the concepts are still valid.
>> On 25 Aug 2015 14:54, "Martin Owens" <doctormo@...400...> wrote:
>>> Dear developers,
>>> I was reviewing inkscape on deviantArt and I noticed a theme:
>>> www.deviantart.com/browse/all/journals/?order=5&q=inkscape
>>> Apart from the odd "I hate Inkscape" etc, there's a big need for
>>> tutorials and most are interested in video tutorials.
>>> This is probably something we should put together for the website.
>>> Something coherent for users.
>>> But I'm not exactly sure of the structure we should use. A competition?
>>> Scouting for talent?
>>> What do you think?
>>> Best Regards, Martin Owens
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