Thank you, Maren!   And thank you to Mois, Eduard and Marc.   I am checking out the Doxgen documentation now.


On Sat, Nov 25, 2017 at 11:59 AM, Maren Hachmann <maren@...3165...> wrote:
Just FYI (not sure if that's helpful): Only recently, Mois, Eduard and
Marc have worked on making the Doxgen documentation available online:


Am 25.11.2017 um 15:30 schrieb Dean Loew:
> Thanks Martin and Philip.
> I should have said more about the project - I see why you are responding
> with these thoughts.
> Our students must do their homework with paper and pencil - one of our
> goals is to keep kids doing schoolwork the traditional way, avoiding
> distractions, etc.   So I would be using Inkscape to add marks onto
> images scanned by the parents, of schoolwork the kids did with paper and
> pencil.  (We will however also offer a website way to submit answers,
> with the student simply typing the answer.)
> The main reason I am interested in Inkscape is not so much because of
> the SVG aspect, but rather because it is a clean and customizable
> interface, the code is open source, and it compiles beautifully on
> WIndows under msys64 - unlike Gimp (which after many hours I had to give
> up trying to compile for Windows). 
> But, if the customizations will be very expensive, then yes - I will
> have to do most of the work, as I have no customers right now.   *Short
> of someone doing the coding, could I hire someone for a few hours to
> give me a little tour of the code and answer some questions, get me
> started, etc? *  Especially since the Inkscape Jenkins is apparently
> down (?), I am having a tough time seeing the big picture of the code
> structure.   Right now I am lacing the code with "printfs()" to try to
> trace through it, as I cannot figure out how to use the gbd debugger
> with Inkscape's multiple threads.   
> Thank you!
> Dean
> On Sat, Nov 25, 2017 at 2:56 AM, Martin Owens <doctormo@...400...
> <mailto:doctormo@...400...>> wrote:
>     Dear Dean Loew,
>     The kind of project you have here isn't quite an Inkscape project, but
>     it could make a very good website project.
>     Students can use inkscape to write/draw, and the files can be submitted
>     for marking to a website. It's even possible to have an extension
>     written in python that would submit the work quickly to such a website
>     from the student's computers.
>     SVG is Inkscape internal format. SVG is also a first class web
>     standard, you can view SVGs created in Inkscape directly in a web
>     browser. Embedding SVGs in this way is something I've done for my
>     clients a number of times.
>     There's no need to customise Inkscape, mostly because the cost of it
>     would be VERY expensive and also because it's not necessary.
>     Good luck!
>     Best Regards, Martin Owens
>     Inkscape Developer and Contractor
>     On Fri, 2017-11-24 at 19:13 -0600, Dean Loew wrote:
>     > Hello all.
>     >
>     > I need a much-simplified, bare-bones version of inkscape for a small
>     > home school project I am starting.   
>     >
>     > Our students will write handwritten essays / short answers, and
>     > submit those homework images (they are jpgs, gifs, etc).   I need a
>     > program to help "mark up" those images, and then save the image, and
>     > store the grades in a MySQL database.
>     >
>     > "Marking up" the image:
>     > I need to quickly be able to add grading marks to the image, such as
>     > "SP" (spelling error), "GR" (grammar error).  I can easily add these
>     > marks now by adding custom symbols to inkscape and then dragging them
>     > onto the image.  But, I would prefer instead to be able to this via
>     > custom tools in the toolbar.   
>     > Whenever I add one of these marks, I want to subtract the appropriate
>     > number of points from the "perfect score"  (e.g.  every time I add an
>     > "SP" for a spelling error, the grade goes down by 1 point, etc). 
>     >  So, there needs to be shown a little box with the current score.
>     > If I make a mistake and add one of those marks by accident, and
>     > delete it, the score goes back up.
>     > I need to have the screen split into two parts (with two images
>     > showing): the top image is the student image being graded; the bottom
>     > image is the "official answer" (also an image).
>     > I need to have a little list of images to correct - that is, a list
>     > of all images that need to be corrected.  As I click on the list, it
>     > will load that student image.
>     > When an image is done being graded, there will be some simple button
>     > to "Save"
>     > All unnecessary options and features will be disabled (or at least
>     > hidden) - unnecessary tools, the main menu, toolbars, etc.   I want a
>     > very simple interface.
>     > MySQL:
>     > The list of images needs to be loaded from the database.
>     > When each image is done being graded, the score needs to be stored in
>     > the database; the next student image in line needs to be auto-loaded,
>     > etc.
>     > Thanks!
>     > Dean
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