I'd guess one of the dependancies arent being met, did we rename the pdf output extension that its calling for?
Try adding .via_gs to the org.inkscape.output.pdf in the dependancy and see if that works...

2008/6/4 Juho Viitasalo <jiviitas@...1993...>:
Can anybody explain why I can't get the SWF output extension working or even it to show in saving

You can find a link to this extension from:

I extracted the .inx file to extensions folder, but I can't see SWF file saving option when saving a

I compared the syntax of the swf_output.inx file to pdf_output.inx.txt file that I found from the
same folder. I noticed that <name>, <filetypename> and <filetypetooltip> tags had an underscore in
the pdf_output file. I tried to add underscores to swf_output with no success.

I also removed txt extension from pdf_output.inx file. After that corresponding saving option
appeared to Inkscape. I also started to change pdf_output file to correspond to swf_output file. I
could change name and id tags to

<_name>SWF Output</_name>

in pdf_output.inx and it still shows up in save dialog. If I change anything else "Adobe PDF via
postscript (*.pdf)" saving option won't show up. Any ideas?


    <name>SWF Output</name>
    <dependency type="extension">org.inkscape.output.pdf</dependency>
    <dependency type="executable" location="extensions">pdf2swf.sh</dependency>
    <dependency type="executable">pdf2swf</dependency>
        <filetypename>Flash SWF (*.swf)</filetypename>
        <filetypetooltip>Flash movie shape</filetypetooltip>
        <command reldir="extensions">pdf2swf.sh</command>

    <_name>PDF Output</_name>
    <dependency type="extension">org.inkscape.output.ps</dependency>
    <dependency type="executable" location="extensions">ps2pdf.sh</dependency>
    <dependency type="executable">ps2pdf</dependency>
        <_filetypename>Adobe PDF via postscript (*.pdf)</_filetypename>
        <_filetypetooltip>Adobe Portable Document Format</_filetypetooltip>
        <command reldir="extensions">ps2pdf.sh</command>

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