2009/8/14 Jarosław Foksa <jfoksa@...400...>
On 08/14/2009 09:56:45 AM, Chris Morgan wrote:
> 2009/8/14 Jarosław Foksa <jfoksa@...400...>
> > My theme can be previewed here:
> > http://drupalready.com/playground/inkscape/news (login/pass:
> > dupa/dupa)
> Why exactly does drupalready.com need authentication?

Because I don't want robots to index it and I'm too lazy to configure
robots.txt file. Sorry for inconvenience.
I think that this would do it:
User-Agent: *
Disallow: / 

On 08/14/2009 09:56:45 AM, Chris Morgan wrote:
> Hmm... in my opinion it looks too gimmicky.  I like clean designs without
> images all over the place where they're not needed in my opinion (e.g. menus
> with different images for each item).

True, the menu looks very bad currently, I will work on it.
I reckon that just scrapping the two-colour headings and menu images would fix it up a lot, but that's just my opinion.  Others' should factor into it too.

> > - iefix.css (do we have to support IE6 and IE7?)
> Yes, sadly.

Would it be acceptable to fix only most outstanding bugs? Something
like broken layout or unaccessible content. This is the best way to
make people upgrade their browsers. Note that even youtube.com and
digg.com are planning to drop support for IE6.
I reckon that in a few months' time, when Windows 7 is out, it will be reasonable to drop support for IE 6 (the only major thing being the PNG alpha filter fix).  digg.com could probably drop support without causing any trouble because of their audience; youtube.com is the bigger player, and I reckon it's the one which will decide things more.  Normally IE 6 support (or fairly nice degradation) isn't too hard.

> > - some jQuery enhancements (animated main menu, smooth transitions on
> > hover states)
> I personally would do it without any of this as it's just extra clutter to
> no real benefit.

I will use it very sparingly, just simple transitions which will
degrade nicely if JavaScript is disabled.
Good.  I don't like gratuitous JavaScript, but there are definitely places where it's useful.

> - add SVG Web library (http://code.google.com/p/svgweb/)
> What would you use it for?  In my theme I kept it simple and didn't include
> any SVG content partially for support, but mainly because I couldn't really
> justify it. Just because Inkscape is an SVG editor doesn't mean you've got
> to use SVG for everything on the website... that's a thought, we could have
> an entirely SVG interface... :P

This library will  allow us to use SVG images all over the place - in
articles, wiki, forum posts, etc. Why? Because now we can :)
The theme itself uses PNGs. SVG via background-image property is still
too buggy in Opera and Webkit-based browsers, Firefox doesn't support
it at all.
Degradation - that's the key.  svgweb uses Flash for it, which is going to have fairly high success rates, but it's still quite common to miss it.  Unless you can come up with a good use for it, I vote to not use it.

I would propose 25 August as a final deadline, after that we would
choose a theme and use it as a basis for other website parts (wiki,
forum, planet, m.inkscape.org).
I would propose that we don't place a deadline at all, much less a final deadline.  Deadlines are incompatible with open source projects.  Also it's necessary to set up at least basic content to see how a theme will work - for example primary links, navigation menu, search.  It may be a good idea to request themes by a given date, but it won't work enforcing it.

Content transferring can possibly also start before a final decision theme-wise, at inkscape.org.  Tomorrow I'm expecting to be able to start work on a Drupal installation on inkscape.org.

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