Here's two of my extensions - cleaned up and on github.
I'm happy for them to be included in Inkscape if they are judged adequate.
(They are gplv2 licensed)
(They have documentation in their UI - using tabs.)

Jigsaw maker:
Creates a jigsaw puzzle for laser cutting.
    - set dimensions in various units,
    - number of pieces in X,Y,
    - randomness and size of tabs,
    - rounded corners, and a backing as an option.
    - packed neatly for minimal cutting.
    - uses minimal lines to optimise for laser cutting (e.g. when using packed backboard).
May one day be extended to do boolean cuts and create separate pieces when DBUS is working or some other way to call boolean ops from a plugin

Lasercut Box
Creates a tabbed box with kerf setting for tight fits. Or dimples for press fits.
    - set dimensions in various units,
    - width, depth, height, material thickness,
    - #tabs for each dimension,
    - include corners or not,
    - kerf adjustable if tight fit required, or
    - can use dimples for pressure fits for wood etc (rounds or triangles), or
    - can set zero kerf and use minimal material to create.
In all cases - uses minimal lines to optimise for laser cutting.

Cheers, Mark...