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What's the status of this? I'm not following this since a while.
Last I remember is that there were two spray tools, one already
implemented (disguised as several submodes for the Tweak tool) and the
other in works from the french school. Care somebody to tell how both

They worked on their own branch. And they added a new "Spray" tool in the ToolBar. It was decided that their work would not be merged before the 0.47 release.
I tried it and in fact their spray tool is really designed to spray objects (the same you would paint with a spray). The tweak tool is still here to tweak their repartition. The workflow is much more intuitive than with the current "duplicate" mode of the tweak tool.
When their work is integrated, we may have to discuss to move some functionalities from one tool to an other. (I personally think it's working well as it was built)
Does it try to implement parts of my blueprint?

Indeed your blueprint ( http://wiki.inkscape.org/wiki/index.php/SpecSprayTool ) was the base of their work. Basically, they decided to simplify to be able to make it on time.
- You have the choice to spray with "copies", "clones" and "into a single path".
- It handles any object (shape, group, text...).
- You can set rotation and scale variations.
- The repartition they implemented is a Gaussian one, you can change its parameters.
- You can open a side panel for more parameters.
I would test it myself but I don't have Linux and i don't see any
Win32 version (if someone knows where I can findd one, please tell

Only the sources are available [1].

The students wrote a report, it is in French but has many illustrations [2]. I would suggest you to check it. Last time I heard of them, they intended to write an English translation of it.


[1] SVN repository :  http://svn.eclair.ec-lyon.fr/svn/pi2010_inkscape
[2] http://svn.eclair.ec-lyon.fr/filedetails.php?repname=Projets.PI+2010+Inkscape+-+Rapport&path=%2FRapport.pdf