c. The website also has very old content layout which originated in
the very old pre-django website and hasn't really been updated in ten

 c. We decided that we needed to find a person who would be able to be
the website's curator. A person to think carefully about the pages,
their content and not someone who was either worried about the look and
feel or the programming of the site.

 c. Any person who can read and write English. No technical skills and
it would be better to have someone who wasn't involved with any other
parts of the project. In your own time, work to do content design and

The "content layout" is an Information architecture concern. A common method to sort out web content is using card sorting. I see cards flying around in Vectors future :) This isn't a trivial task for one person, with a lot of audiences and purposes for the website it has to be collaborative and get feedback from a wide range of visitors. It also needs to conform with the overall Inkscape identity and what direction to steer more towards. SEO skills are also welcome with anything concerning web content.

Content writing usually requires lots of skills too. Writing a long tutorial is different from writing a news item, a tweet, explaining features as a marketing effort... Actually writing something up takes the least amount of time. More effort goes into editing what has been written to optimize it for voice, clarity, findability, readability, SEO friendliness, find/create images/media for the article etc. And all this after you've familiarized yourself with the topic completely, because that is the only way one can convey anything in a way that is easily digestible by the intended audience. Spewing out your thoughts into a document is only the first step in the writing process.

The content strategy part can be a separate task. I'm guessing a lot of it could come from Vectors in general, because a lot of it would come as a consequence of Vectors work. Not only what Vectors are doing at a certain point in time, but also what they notice making waves from all around the community.