I think we should enable this feature by default (in configure and in
the menu) to get more people to help out. I've been compiling in the
with-perl and with-python and have contributed some superficial fixes
that I wouldn't have seen without enabling those features.

If we enabled now, we could help stabilize this code. This seems to be
important because we should show proudly our summer of code work upon
next release. Do you all agree?

 I plan on having a version that would be suitable to be enabled by
default for next week, the timeline in my first email shows my schedule

Do we have an ejabberd server test setup? If not, we should as its the
most compliant and stable. I've contributed to this project in the past
and have experience with it...

I talked to aaron about this before, I really think we need a tested compliant server set up for testing, already having problems with gristle.

wildfire or latest svn of ejabberd are the best candidates, but ill do more testing on both to make sure, the 2 issues are the roster order, and that stanzas are processed in order, neither of which gristle do