2009/8/16 Jarosław Foksa <jfoksa@...400...>
I also like the idea, but please no color switching. There is indeed a
color switcher module for Drupal, but it may confuse visitors a lot, I
don't know any major website that would change color scheme on regular
The color module requires an implementation in the theme as well.  I never intend to implement such a feature.  I think that it's just there for initial setting up... not for cycling.

Most sites that do any regular changing seem to change the whole look... or the whole framework... SourceForge for example.  Their current site is a couple of months old now, a new one is overdue!  (So that they can break more sites which used old URLs which got broken by the new, better URL layout.)
Besides, it would require us to update also Wiki theme (a lot
of work) in order to keep it consistent with the homepage (we are not
moving Wiki to Drupal, right?).
Aren't we?  I was expecting that we would be.  It simplifies matters, and fits in with the plan of better organisation of the website, and makes information much easier to find (the main site doesn't really amount to anything at all - wiki.inkscape.org has all the content... search usability also comes to mind).

Discussion of exactly what is getting moved over and what is being implemented will be happening soon, after the main bit of the content is in.

My idea: lets put the image inside some kind of a box or frame, so
that even if it has completely different color scheme it would stay
consistent with the theme. Here is a sample (just started wokring on
it): http://drupalready.com/uploads/2009-08-15-225307_1280x800_scrot.png
What do you think?
With your theme it may work up there (the image you've got works very nicely while it's empty, but in my opinion almost any image inside it will distract), but with mine it wouldn't, because I haven't used so much space in that area of the header.  My plan is just to do an ordinary block, or something in the content area on the front page.

On Fri, Aug 14, 2009 at 4:04 PM, bulia byak<buliabyak@...400...> wrote:
> In my humble opinion, all site designs I've seen so far, including our
> current one, lack one critical thing: art.
> Inkscape is an art tool, but these are just standard web sites that
> would fit any kind of entity.
> I propose that our web site's front page should incorporate a large
> enough image, created in Inkscape, at least as well done as our About
> screens and ideally better. Like a banner, perhaps integrated with the
> "Inkscape" heading.
> We could even rotate them once per month or so, if we find enough good
> candidates (and there are plenty of good Inkscape art for example on
> Deviantart, we can just contact directly authors of nice pieces
> offering them this free publicity :).
> Of course this requires that someone takes the responsibility to
> choose a piece of art (I don't think we should do monthly
> competitions, it's too much overhead), nicely crop it to our format
> and otherwise integrate it with the web site, perhaps even changing
> the color scheme of the site to match the new front page art piece.
> http://www.inkscape.org

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