Hi all,

I am SrrReal, a FOSS enthusiast and Inkscape user. Currently, I am a student researcher (in India) doing social sciences research of digital technologies. I recently began working on a project to explore how the identity of free software communities is shaped by its contributors. As an Inkscape user, I was keen on studying this by closely following the Inkscape community.This work is part of a course on ethnographic research - a type of research in which researchers engage closely with the people involved in the context they are studying, to gain a deep understanding.

I am writing to introduce myself (and my research) to the broader community. In the coming weeks, I hope to chat with many of you, who do different things to make Inkscape what it is! 

I have put together a short survey - https://srrreal.typeform.com/to/dfhjFV as a preliminary step to guide further research. It's got about 2-3 questions and shouldn't take more than 5 minutes. It would be really helpful, if you could fill this out. 

If you would like to chat about the research in more detail or have questions and suggestions (what to probe, what may be interesting, etc), I'd be happy to discuss that further. Please email me [srrreal@...3637...] or ping on Rocket Chat [@SrrReal]. Or you could indicate your interest in the survey and I'll get in touch with you!