On 6/11/19 5:35 AM, Maren Hachmann wrote:
Hi everyone,

I just got a reply from Agnès from K8, about the press coverage.
Starting at ~ 24:00 of , there's a TV
report about the mapathon before LGM, which ends with pictures of some
charitable open source graphics software developers (aka Mc, @jnweiger
and @mgmax ) around minute 27.

She wrote that a team from the French TV was there, too, but that their
report isn't available yet. When it will be released, that will be at


Hallo Maren,

hier den Link zum SR-Bericht:

Aus Frankreich war der lokale Sender TV8 Moselle Est da aber der
Bericht ist noch nicht online. Er wird Teil der Sendung "Grenzenlos"
sein. Hier den Link zur Sendung, man soll halt etwas Geduld haben...

 Liebe Grüße Agnès

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