On 07/08/2009 04:44 AM, Maximilian Albert wrote:
2009/7/8 Diederik van Lierop <mail@...1689...>:

So we will end up like this
A) when dragging with no modifiers we will move the origin to the pointer
location (freely, in 2D)
B) with ctrl we will have a constrained translation of the origin along the
C) with shift we will rotate
D) with ctrl-shift we will rotate to increments of the absolute angle
E) when pressing delete when hovering above a guide in the selector tool, or
while dragging a guide, the guide will be deleted. We can even add a context
menu as Luca suggested

If I remember correctly then this quick-deleting was not available in v0.46,
or was it? We'd better change (or at least find consensus on either
solution) now, before we hit the masses!

I agree. And I'd vote for the above suggestion, too, because it's the
most consistent and foreseeable. 

Hi Max, thanks for chimming in!

So if no one has any serious objections then I'll go ahead and change this as soon as possible.