About XML editor is near ok to beta try to merge my latest changes this weekend.

About hamburger/line height I have a tested branch with good line height ui but I want to know Tav opinion

About LPE need to give a turn but I'm super busy this next two months

About theming seems ok but pending:
We want to think if we ship the experimental icon theme, not affect code wise
I'm in mobile about the branch you mentioned think is one of two about shipping inkscape with custom gtk themes
Is a decision we need to take

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En 12 ago. 2019, en 21:59, Marc Jeanmougin <marc@jeanmougin.fr> escribió:

I'd like to organize an IRC/RC release meeting to discuss, well, the
release timing and TODO. I guess the most practical would be 19h CEST,
same as board meeting (what about early next week ?). I do have some
questions prior to it to better estimate the stuff to do, with people
from whom I'd like some input. Would it be possible to get a clearer
picture on the following points before the meeting ?

== Extensions (Martin, Patrick, others) ==

What is the state of extensions (#156) ? In particular, their
translatability (#333) ? Is the current submodule commit in a "good
state" ? What to do with the old uniconvertor extensions, do we update
them to uniconvertor 2.0rc5 ?

== Theming (Jabier, others) ==

How stable and maintainable is the stuff we intend to ship with Inkscape
? CSS, icons ? How do they interact with one another, and which one do
we want to show as default ? What was the goal of MR !811 and how does
it comply with user expectations ?

== LPEs (Jabier) ==

Are all LPEs stable enough to be shipped ?

== Gtk General interface stuff (all) ==

Do we still have interface problems like toolbars not showing up or
menus needing two clicks, or anything of the sort, on any platform ? Is
#195 still reproducible ?

== Packaging (RdH, Patrick, others) ==

Approximately how much work is still needed for macOS stable dmg
production or windows packaging ?

What happens with the ubuntu bionic "dependency wait" ? (
https://launchpadlibrarian.net/437056488/buildlog.txt.gz )

== Stability (Maren, Chris, all) ==

How do people feel about general stability ? any things that would
definitely look bad in a beta ?

== XML editor (Jabier) ==

Is all the work on it finished ?

== Performance (all) ==

Do we still have these massive performance problems as soon as the
Objects dialog (or XML ?) has been opened ?

== Text (Tav, Jabier, others) ==

How usable is the text tool ? Do we implement the "hamburger" toolbar ?
Do we still have issues with variable font sliders ? How understandable
are our text tools, and are users able to "just write text" without
surprises ? (with line heights for instance ?)

== SVG2 (Tav, all) ==

I'm not sure we have discussed enough the transition between SVG1.1 and
SVG2. If we start producing svg2 documents that are not svg1.1-valid,
should we use version="2" in <svg> ? how will it be understood by other
renderers ? When and how do we intend to switch the 1.2 flawed text into
the newly flawed text, how will we handle old documents, and how do we
ensure they will render exactly the same ? Do we provide a way to save
in "valid SVG1.1 document without SVG2 stuff" ?

== Documentation (Maren) ==

I saw https://gitlab.com/inkscape/inkscape-docs/documentation/issues/2 ,
do we have more stuff to update ? By the way, how do we sync the
inkscape/inkscape repo with the inkscape/inkscape-docs ?

== Other business (all) ==

Any other problem that I could be missing ?