Am 27.10.2017 um 16:57 schrieb Sebastian Kraft:
Warning: failed to load shared library libgdk-3-0.dll referenced by typelib: libgdk-3-0.dll module not found

The package mingw-w64-x86_64-gtk3-3.22.9-1 was installed and libgdk-3-0.dll is in Inkscape\. Not sure what is still missing here...
Latest version is actually
but it should not really matter..

What *could* be happening is that you hit one of the many relocation issues that are one of the major annoyances when using *nix software on Windows.

Two things you could try:
  1. Add the inkscape root directory to you search path (sometimes modules expect it to be found there...)
  2. Copy the gtk dlls to an inkscape/bin subfolder to get a UNIXoid directory structure and see if it helps.

Also helpful:
(works like Linux ldd but tweaked for mingw-w64; allows you to check what dlls are missing and which dlls are loaded from where)

BTW: It really is a major problem of MSYS2 that there are no distributions with a fixed set of library versions :( Or is there any easy solution to reproduce a certain build environment?

E.g. if Inkscape was built in August 2017 I can only manually collect the required packages by date to get binary compatible libraries. The next point release of Inkscape might use different packages of MSYS2 and I have to start all over again. To make it even worse, there is not real archive of previous MSYS2 packages, so it is not guaranteed that I can get the matching libraries a few months after the Inkscape build.
Indeed, reproducing builds with specific library versions is hard. It's basically the price we have to pay for up-to-date binary builds. There's one trick one can apply: Storing the pacman package database at the time of the build allows to "update" an MSYS2 distribution with the packages that were current at that time (for 0.92.2 I have them stored on my harddisk, if you like I could upload them somewhere). There are no "stable snapshots" or similar though, so typically it's best to just go with the rolling release or download a "matching" version according to modification date.

Good news is that libraries are usually ABI compatible (so few versions back or forth won't matter). Only exception are libraries like poppler/icu which carry a version number in the file name and therefore always require dependent libraries to be rebuilt.

As for a guarantee of library availability: We obviously have all the official mirrors, see
and as far as I'm aware old versions are currently stored indefinitely. Beyond that we don't have any securities but it did not seem viable to create a mirror just for the Inkscape project (which might be an alternative but requires a server with enough storage space and somebody willing to maintain the repository).