Yes, webroot as been changed in order for the automated system to take over, also there has been a lot of changes with apache and it's confs. just tell me what you need fixed and I'll fix it.
--Ian "Inc"

On Tue, Sep 23, 2008 at 11:07 AM, Aaron Spike <aaron@...749...> wrote:
Luca Bruno wrote:
> Alexandre Prokoudine scrisse:
>> Could we please have the website fixed?
>> ./ does grab new stuff from SVN, but chnages on website
>> do not appear. That's been happening for last couple of months.
> It looks like the location of the webroot as changed, and IIRC I has
> been told on irc that that would have been fixed too. Time passed since
> then without adjustments. I haven't enough privileges to work on it,
> but probably Bryce and Inc are root there.

I believe we all relinquished root. If it requires root then only
#osuosl can fix it. Once we get it fixed we should request that certain
important directories have the sgid bit set to maintain group
permissions. Can anyone precisely (with detail) describe the issue?

Aaron Spike

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